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Agra is the city of the Taj Mahal and capital of the erstwhile Mughal Empire. Agra is also the gateway to the legendary Braj region, the land of Lord Krishna.

Agra has been immortalized as the City of the Taj. Yet, it doesn’t take much for the roving eye to discover that there’s more to Agra than just the fabled Taj Mahal. The city is a virtual gateway to a world of discovery….. a freeze-frame from a resplendent era that’s long since gone by.

In the great epic ‘Mahabharat’ the region of Agra is described as ‘Agraban’ (an integral part of the Braj Bhumi or the land of Lord Krishna). The latter part of Indian history outlines the origin of Agra to 1475 A.D., the reign of Raja Badal Singh.

Agra came into limelight during the rule of Afghan King Sikandar Lodhi – who had made it the capital of his empire. Later in 1526 A.D., the Mughal Emperor Babar took upon himself the task for rendering Agra, a unique character and beauty of its own. The visionary that he was and great patron of the arts, Emperor Babar brought in a change in the culture and life-style among the people of Agra, which then brought forth some of the finest craftsmen, artists, statesmen, warriors and nobility, this part of India had ever witnessed, The golden age of Agra’s history, thus began to set in.

Explore Agra - Fatehpur Sikri through Lens

Explore Amazing Taj, Magnificent Itmad-ud-Daula Tomb, Royal red Fort, Splendid Sikri, Majestic Sikandra, and Master Craftsmenship by exploring awesome Agra……

A visit to this majestic monument is an unforgettable experience and makes you want to come back again and again. Get wonder-struck at the awe-inspiring architecture of the Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri, both World Heritage monuments. Take a memorable walk through the gardens, the lanes where art and craft takes shape of the buzzing bazaars. Agra’s memorable sights, excellent hospitality, exquisite art and great food give you a taste of the vast attractions that lie beyond. Almost next door to New Delhi, Agra is a must-do for those seeking to revisit history.

Fatehpur Sikri

Perched atop a rocky ridge 37 km west of Agra, Fatehpur Sikri came into being four centuries ago when the Emperor Akbar, not yet 28 years old, created the first planned city in Indo-Islamic style.

  • Area : 8.0 Sq. km. (approx)
  • Population : 32905 (2011 Census).
  • Altitude : 169 metres above sea level..
  • Season : October - March
  • Visiting Hours : Sunrise to Sunset.
  • Clothing (Summer) : Cottons
  • Clothing (Winter) : Woollens / Heavy Woollens.
  • Language : Hindi, Urdu, English
  • Local Transport : Buses, Cycle-rickshaws, Tonga's, Taxis.
  • STD Code : 05613
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