DOs and Don'ts

Here are some guidelines whom you should follow and avoid while visiting Uttar Pradesh

DOs :

  • Respect the traditions and culture of Uttar Pradesh and its people.
  • Wear descent dresses while visiting religious places.
  • Exchange money only at official exchange counters and banks.
  • Only hire guides that are approved by the government and have license.
  • Spend your money wisely.
  • Learn few words of local language that are commonly used here.
  • Buy items that depict the true essence of Uttar Pradesh and are not available elsewhere.

Don’ts :

  • Do not litter, help us in maintaining our cities clean and green.
  • Do not take any photographs that may make people embarrassed.
  • Don’t smoke, don't drink alcohol or don't use drugs at public places and religious spots.
  • Don’t touch or harass animals and support conservation of animals by paying entrance fees to parks and conserved sites.
  • Don’t buy crafts or products made from skin of endangered animals.
  • Do not drive on Indian roads unless you are well-aware about Indian roads and drive to the left of the road
  • Do not give any offensive comment about any religion; it could be controversial.
  • Do not buy or book hotels/bus/air/railway tickets through strangers or unauthorized agents.
  • Do not hire transportation from unlicensed operators.
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